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Simple Wreath.


wreathhi friends!

today i am going to share with you this wreath that i made with scrapbook paper.its very simple and really very easy to make.My friend is shifting to her new house and i thought why not make something that she can hang around her ‘new’ house door.

Ok so lets start with the supplies used:

1.Pattern paper-from Paper mania wedding collection stack.(bought from the lulupu craft store.)

2.Crepe paper-pink color.(bought from the local craft store.)

3.Old Newspaper..

4.adhesives– Fevicol MR

5.Flowers-handmade paper rose Flowers (Handmade by me.)

6.Pearl spray(Handmade by me using small pearls and sticking them on plastic thread.)

7.ribbons-pink quarter inch ribbons.(bought from the local craft store.)


i used this  technique of cutting small strips of patterned paper and rolling them with my bone folder to give a really nice curvy-flairs to the strips.so what i did was i took around 6 sheets of 12×12 inch white,silver embossed paper which is from Paper mania wedding collection paper stack.cut round 12 strips(or as many as you can get from a 12inch paper)from each of the 12x12inch paper..in about half inch and folding it in the middle with my bone-folder,i just scraped the paper from one end to the other with the bone folder..giving it a nice curvy flair as you can see in the image.people who likes to make a themed wreath like..say for Christmas or Halloween or thanksgiving can simply apply the themed paper stacks available..but for this one i used the ‘white embossed silver’ scrapbook paper and placed a bunch of my handmade roses(that is also available in my store,that you can check at http://craftyscrappers.wordpress.com/), and also added my pearl spray (handmade by me using small pearls and sticking them on plastic thread )and quarter inch  pink colored ribbons to embellish the wreath.

okay so for the base of the wreath,i took  thick cardboard,and cut out a circle(this can be whatever size of wreath you want to make!),for mine it was 8 inch in diameter.. then i took some newspaper,crumbled them together to make rolls and stuck it onto my wreath base..that way it gave a little bit of dimension to the base.(you need to make the base of the wreath dimensional just on the facing side,because the other side will be on the wall so no one’s going to see if its dimensional!!!) i also applied a coat of Fevicol(glue) to harden the base of the wreath.after the base is completely dry i took some  strips  of Crepe paper(pink) and tied it all along the base of the wreath(this way the crumbled newspapers are hidden and the crepe paper also gives a nice texture to the wreath’s base.)then,i embellished the base using the strips and other embellishments. oh one thing i forgot to mention,when applying the strips of paper you should always keep it in a cross way ie one strip should overlap the other in horizontal way.

so that’s it friends…simple and easy to make..!

i hope you guys like it,do share me your views and also let me know if you already tried this technique!

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“Be Mine” scrapbook album.


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Hello fellow crafters…

just wanted to share this scrapbook album that i made for one of my close friend.

supplies used:”Be Mine” scrapbook album.

Supplies used for this album are:

1.Pattern paper-Making Memories 12×12  Love Struck paper pad.(16 papers  are used for the pages,cropped to 8.5″X8.5″ inches.)

2.Flowers-Prima flowers(Handmade by me.)

3.Alphabets-pink glitter alphanumerals(bought from itsy bitsy)

4.Embellishments-all love themed(all are handmade by me.)

5.Ribbons-1 inch white,pink,red,,green and yellow(bought from the local craft store.)

6.Adhesives-Double sided tape  and Some strong adhesive(bought from the local craft store.)

7.Blings and gemstones-(bought from the local craft store.)

8.Inks-ranger ink(red)

9.Sewing machine for an easy sew around the edges.

The album is made from 8.5″x8.5″ inches pieces of thick chipboard, covered with Making Memories 12×12  Love Struck pattern paper.There are a total of 8 pages of 8.5X8.5 inches.Each page is made using Making Memories 12×12  Love Struck paper pad.cropped to fit the size.the edges are distressed using the ranger ink(red). The pages are full of Tags and frames.with each frame there is a pocket that contains another photo mat,where you can stick your photographs.there is a total of 16 photo mats for adding our photographs.All of the pages are per-embellished and is a  per-made love themed scrapbook album.