Scrapbook Embellishment Winners: Where Are You?


yay!!! i won!!!
Thanks Mary for the wonderful opportunity!

My * Isle * of * Entropy

Aloha my crafty friends!

So, two weeks ago I posted a blog and video about making some of your own embellishments and offered to send some to two people who cross-referenced themselves in comments to that blog. I said that on December 1st I would have a drawing from those names and announce the winners. I’m pleased to announce that we have some winners!!!the-winners-are

Konica and Jesse ! ! !

Now I just need you two to check you Facebook messages and email and get back to me. Congratulations and thank you both so much for participating. Who would have thought this blog would have reached so far. Totally exciting!

So, while I wait for their response, I’d like to share with you my proudest accomplishment and share that winning feeling. Here are two pages that I did in the past, but cherish as much today as when I put…

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About konica

Hi I'm Konica, 21 years female,living in India and this is my blog...all about my pet dog- "Lucy"!(She is my sweetheart).She truly is a special, one-of-a-kind dog. I’m not that biased. Others see it, too!!! And here you will find a great collection of all the memories that me and my dog has treasured from the very start till now!

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